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  • How much do models make?

    What’s the data on how much models make? Well, the truth is, most models spend a ton of time each schlepping around to different casting calls, and they usually get rejected by most of them. They live in small model roommates, and they eat broccoli for dinner because they can’t

  • How to become a fitness model

    Unlike some fashion models, fitness models project a healthy body image. Fitness models have to spend a large chunk of their time devoted to eating healthfully and staying in shape too. In fact, it’s a lifestyle. It never stops. If you want to be a fitness model, you have to

  • How to become a male model

    Becoming a male model is actually quite a manly career, and you’ll be sure to be surrounded by plenty of attractive ladies when you get into a lucrative male modeling career. You’ll be esteemed by your male peers and your female colleagues. It’s the best way to get your foot

  • How to become a model at 13

    What pretty, young girl doesn’t want to become a model at 13-14? The glitz, the glamour, the paychecks, and more are all great incentives to become a model at an early age. Plus, it gives you experience for later modeling pursuits. Getting into modeling at 13 is different than becoming

  • How to Become a Model

    A lot of people want to be a model, but they’re not quite sure HOW to be a model. If you’ve loved being the center of attention for your whole life, then you may want to become a model. How do you get there though? You’ll first have to think

  • How to Become a Plus Size Model

    The education and inspiration you need to get started in the plus size modeling business is not something you have to study for months on. It’s relatively easy to get started in a modeling career compared to a career in the culinary arts, education, government, or even of the more


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  • Becoming a Fashion Designer

    A career as a fashion designer will put you in a leading role when it comes to designing the hottest fashions for the people of tomorrow. Consider this career if you have a strong background in the arts, fashion, design, and marketing. You may want to work as a fashion