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How much do models make?

What’s the data on how much models make? Well, the truth is, most models spend a ton of time each schlepping around to different casting calls, and they usually get rejected by most of them. They live in small model roommates, and they eat broccoli for dinner because they can’t afford to eat much else. That account comes straight from the mouth of a model.

Models don’t get paid much, even though the lifestyle evokes glamour, glitz, and wellness, most models get paid pennies, as opposed to what they think they’re going to get. For example, if you book a cover on Women’s Health, you might only get paid $250. That’s hardly anything. Your day rate for a magazine job is typically around $100-$400.

Runway shows don’t net much more. Sometimes, these girls just get paid with the clothes they’re given, so they don’t even get any real money. Some models with smaller agencies might not get paid anything. Some models might even be able to borrow against what they’ll earn in the future from their modeling agency, and they might have to pay a big amount for the privilege of doing so. No, being a model is not what you think it is. There are no such things as model unions, and most models are young, and they can be taken advantage of.

However, there are some exceptions. You might get the chance to be a “fit” model. A fit model is a kind of modeling that is much more rewarding. Fit models have need measurements that match industry guidelies for clothing production, and if you’re hired by a company to fit their line, then you can work with them for several years consistently. You’re a kind of live mannequin, and you can model the prototypes, and make up to $200 or more per hour. Once you get several hours each day, you could be making a lot of money. However, you’ll have to pay commissions to your agency, and taxes too.

If you’re already making consistent money as a model, and working shorter days, then you’ll have the time to get another job. If you’re a hot woman, then consider being a cocktail waitress at a popular nightclub. You can make several hundred dollars a night doing bottle service.

Don’t feel bad if your degree can’t get you a great job. You an settle into the typical waitress/model lifestyle, and make a healthy six-figure income.

However, it needs to be said that modeling is a career with an expiration date, and as you near your 30s, and you’re worried about where you’re going to go with your career, you should start to think about how to transition into a career, and what transferrable skills you have. You don’t want to be alone and adrift, with no savings and lots of debt, and looking to that next career with just pure dread. You need some kind of backup plan, or at least savings, to help get you started again when you finish.