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How to become a fitness model

Unlike some fashion models, fitness models project a healthy body image. Fitness models have to spend a large chunk of their time devoted to eating healthfully and staying in shape too. In fact, it’s a lifestyle. It never stops. If you want to be a fitness model, you have to be fit first, and that means all the time.

As a fitness model, the old adage about your body being your temple is particularly true, and it’s actually your source of income too, so think of your body as your bank account. You will have to make sure that your body stays in peak physical condition to be a great model in this competitive fitness industry.

Fitness models have to have very little body fat and toned muscles. You should have already joined a gym, and you should be doing strength-training and cardio exercises every day, with an emphasis on the former.

You should also eat a clean diet that includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.

You should also learn the rudimentary elements of posing. Being a fitness model is a lot more than just being in shape, and you need to know how to pose properly because that is going to be the most important thing about your appearance. Learning how to pose can make or your career your fitness modeling career. Learning how to pose in front of a camera takes a lot of practice. Try to emulate the poses of other fitness models in men’s health and women’s health magazines. Have a professional photographer work with you to ensure that you look good in these poses, and have them become a part of your portfolio. You can also work with a modeling coach or take a modeling class to learn how to pose better.

You don’t need to purchase your own camera to help with development of your portfolio, but you do need to hire a professional photographer. That is much cheaper, and they will have all the stuff set up for you there too. Also, get an agent, because that will expedite your process of finding jobs. You won’t have to scramble to look through the phonebook or Internet directories to find agencies and book yourself. The agent will take care of all this drudgery and legwork. Furthermore, if your agent is already familiar with the territory, it will save you some time too.

You don’t necessarily have to find an agent to search for work. You can get proactive and jumpstart your modeling career by checking for fitness modeling agencies on the Internet in your area.

Don’t feel sad if you don’t have enough experience. Fitness models’ resumes are their own bodies, and how they carry themselves too. If you feel and look like you promote fitness, then it’s simple to make other believe that you can do the job. All the opportunities that come your way might just be from networking and researching. You might be surprised at how easy it is to break into the fitness modeling sphere.