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How to become a male model

Becoming a male model is actually quite a manly career, and you’ll be sure to be surrounded by plenty of attractive ladies when you get into a lucrative male modeling career. You’ll be esteemed by your male peers and your female colleagues. It’s the best way to get your foot in the door with supermodel women, professional fashion photographers, and nice producers too. But, you have to get to the top before you can expect to make all these connections.

Most male models start between the ages of 18 and 25. Nobody wants a baby face because males that buy are usually a lot older than females. Don’t worry if you’re not super-attractive either. There are possibilities for male models in different niches like eyewear, hands, and hair. Just read on to find out how you can become a male model. The average male model height is 5’11” and 6’2”. Regarding your weight, it has to be in the range of 140 and 165 pounds. The industry isn’t really trying to find people with bulging muscles, but you do have to have a fit physique in order to model well.

You shouldn’t have a lot of acne, or acne scars, if you want to model well in this career. People don’t want to look at models with a lot of acne all over their body. It can be very off-putting, and it can really turn off potential employers that want to hire you for modeling positions. You just can’t have unsightly spots on your body. It can cut off any potential modeling opportunities before they have a chance to start or flourish, and so you want to keep your skin smooth and in impeccable condition. That’s the best way forward.

How do you get into male modeling? Well, after Googling your city name and “modeling agency” in the Google search box, then get a list of a few modeling agencies that look reputable, perhaps several of them. Make sure to stay away from scam companies that look like they’re trying to steal your money before giving you any modeling work. You want to only go for companies that look like they’ve been established and good bastions of the industry. You want to stay away from the companies that have poor reviews on them on the Better Business Bureau. Also, check out Angie’s List too.

So, how do you approach the modeling agencies? Well, you go about it the old-fashioned way. Just visit them. Make sure to set up an appointment ahead of time, and call them to set it up. Bring at least two photographs with you. They don’t need to be professional pictures, but they do need to at least comprise a clear, natural, and headshot. If you have a more professional portfolio, that’s even better. Consider getting ten to 12 pictures together, and just making a very professional portfolio. Try to go for quality instead of quantity when you’re setting up your portfolio. It can really help you get noticed at the agencies.