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How to become a model at 13

What pretty, young girl doesn’t want to become a model at 13-14? The glitz, the glamour, the paychecks, and more are all great incentives to become a model at an early age. Plus, it gives you experience for later modeling pursuits.

Getting into modeling at 13 is different than becoming an adult model. Minors who are 13 years old, girls and boys, are treated as minors in a work environment, and they will have to get their guardians or parents’ permission to work. Fashion modeling can seem very glamorous, but it’s also physically demanding work, and minors have limited working hours. It’s also a competitive and tough business, and minors need to take care to balance it with their social and school needs.

First, take a look at your characteristics as a model. Keep stock of your own unique look and style. Models come in all sizes and shapes. Models who have super-thin figures might go into fashion modeling, while clean-cut, wholesome teenagers are sought by catalog companies and other people who are advertising for clothing modeling, catalog, and photo shoots.

Also, have a conversation with your guardians about becoming a fashion model. Your guardian or parent has to go with you to every interview or photo shoot, and that can be time-intensive. Are they willing to put the time into it? They may not be, and you may have to put a hiatus on your modeling lifestyle until you can get in a car and drive to your own appointments, and you don’t have to have parental permission.

Have a friend or a guardian take several photographs of you. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer at this age as you’re getting started in your modeling career. However, if your parents really want to invest in your modeling career, consider having them get some pictures done with a professional photographer.

You also need to find a modeling agency that works with teens. Look for “modeling agencies” and “talent agencies” in the phonebook, or on Google in your local area. Call ahead and ask if they use minors as models. Make appointments with them all. Use the shotgun approach to getting yourself seen by as many qualifying modeling agencies as possible. Some modeling agencies will ask that you send in pictures, and some won’t make an appointment unless they see your pictures first. Be prepared to have all your pictures ahead of time, and don’t get offended if they don’t want to see. They get hundreds of calls from different potential models every week, and they have to select only the best.

Get together your sample portfolio. Buy a case with plastic sleeves inside of it that will allow people to look through all your pictures without smudging them. Expect to get questions about your experience, height, and weight, but you should also include this information in the photographs that you send into the modeling agencies, along with your contact information. This will ensure that you get a call back, if they are interested, and don’t get put to the bottom of the pile because there’s no textual information or way to contact you.