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How to Become a Model

A lot of people want to be a model, but they’re not quite sure HOW to be a model. If you’ve loved being the center of attention for your whole life, then you may want to become a model. How do you get there though?

You’ll first have to think about the kind of modeling you want to get into. Do you want to get into plus-size, fitness, runway, commercial, or print? Most people think of runway, but you may not be suited for that? Do you have the body for it? There are separate agencies that participate in different kinds of modeling. They specialize in one form or another, so you’ll want to decide on which niche you want to get into, and then you’ll want to put get a portfolio together that suits your style.

What should your portfolio include? Your portfolio should include headshots that have different expressions on them. They should include headshots with playful and serious expressions. It should have full-length shots in distinct outfits too. To find local modeling agencies in your area just Google your city name along with the phrase, modeling agency. It’s a good plan to get a trusted adult or parent to help point your in the right direction to contact certain agencies over others. There are a lot of scam companies out there, and you don’t want to get caught up in one of them. You need to be especially careful. Some companies ask for money ahead of time, and it’s probably a good bet that they’re not legitimate. Look into how each agency deals with submissions too. Sometimes, they use open call, and other times, they use mail-in. Once you’ve sent in your portfolio, you need to let the agency have a month or so before you call them again with a call. IN the meanwhile, you can look for other local modeling opportunities. Check into local design schools, favorite boutiques, or department stores, and check to see if they need models for the fashion shows that they have coming up. Modeling is a career that requires a ton of persistence, and you have to stock with it. Since modeling probably won’t pay your living expenses for some time, it’s a great idea to have a backup plan. You need something to do to fall back on in case it doesn’t work out. There are a lot of aspiring models out there who work part-time while they’re in college or high school, or they supplement their income with a side job. Also, take lessons from the top women entrepreneurs in the country, the likes of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, who were able to turn their modeling passion into expansive business enterprises. Not everyone can hit the big World Series of modeling like them, but you can come close if you have the looks and the talent, and a little bit of good, old-fashioned pizzazz. Look into other things that you can do to give your modeling career more of an edge like a business major, fashion design major, or communications major. With great training, hard work, and talent, you can go far in modeling. The sky’s the limit for what you can do when you become a model.

Despite all the hype and glamour that goes into model, it’s hard work, and it’s often tedious. It’s sometimes very boring, and it can feel like a 9-5 job. Not all modeling jobs pay very well. You have to be dedicated to modeling, be willing to work with your free time, and live a truly health lifestyle, or you’re not going to have a very easy time modeling. It’s just not going to work for you. You have to be committed to the lifestyle of the model.

You’ll need to have a modeling portfolio, and you’ll have to make sure that it’s very replete with all the types of poses that different branches of modeling will need, at least the ones you’re interested in. You can’t just have a headshot, and call it a day. You’ll need around ten to 12 photos, and they need to be nine to 12 inches each. Try to shoot for quality instead of quanity, because quality is what is going to get you hired for the jobs. They want beautiful, attractive models that can strike the pose, and if your photographs’ qualities stand out, then they will be likely to take note of them when they’re looking through the stacks.