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How to Become a Plus Size Model

The education and inspiration you need to get started in the plus size modeling business is not something you have to study for months on. It’s relatively easy to get started in a modeling career compared to a career in the culinary arts, education, government, or even of the more taxing professions. Anyone can get started in plus size modeling without any education beforehand. Many women go from reading modeling magazines to becoming plus size models. Who knows? Today, you could be reading a plus size model magazine, and tomorrow, you could be gracing the pages because you’ve signed on with an agent and have booked a real job or two that got you featured in a magazine. The moral of the story is that you don’t have to have any experience, connections, experience, or special schooling to get started in plus size modeling. You just have to have the right look, and the agent really just helps, because you can go it alone if you want to.

First of all, do you fit the criteria for plus size modeling? Most modeling agencies are looking for women and plus size models who are between the 5’9” and 6’0” height range and have a size between 10/12 to 14/16. However, now that you know that, don’t be discouraged. There are plus size models who are making a living without those measurements. They might have just had to work harder to get where they are.

Most plus size models work in print, online, and catalog campaigns for unique brands and designers, and then, to a lesser extent, models work in magazine editorials and showroom.

You need to have great nail, teeth, and skin. You should not have a ton of piercings/tattoos either, and your hair should look natural and healthy, and it should be brown, red, black, or blonde. In other words, you need your hair in a natural color.

You basically need to check a directory of plus size modeling agencies. Look for several in your nearby area. If the modeling agencies you’ve selected do open calls, then go to them. An open call is a specified time when they will see models. Bring a couple of photos with you when you go. Make sure you have a full body shot and a headshot. Your stats and name should be on the back of the photographs as well as your contact information. If you have a portfolio and a comp card, then that’s even better.

If the modeling agency asks you to mail your photos in, then include a concise letter attached with your images. The images should be 600 x 900, at least. They shouldn’t be too small or too big. Don’t send in any cell phone pictures, prom pictures, birthday pictures, wedding pictures, or anyone else in the pictures. You want professional pictures. The photos should be simple, easy to process, and they should show your figure, skin, and face.

If this is your dream job, then you have the instructions to pursue it now.